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  • “Too many var statements.”:“过多var的声明”,
  • “Redefinition of ‘{a}’.”:“‘{a}’被重复定义”,
  • “It is not necessary to initialize ‘{a}’ to ‘undefined’.”:“无需将’{a}’初始化为’undefined’”,
  • “Expected a conditional expression and instead saw an assignment.”:“此处需要一个表达式,而不是赋值语句”,
  • “Expected a ‘break’ statement before ‘case’.”:“在’case’之前需要有’break’.”,
  • “Expected a ‘break’ statement before ‘default’.”:“在’default’之前需要有’break’.”,
  • “This ‘switch’ should be an ‘if’.”:“此处’switch’应该是’if’.”,
  • “All ‘debugger’ statements should be removed.”:“请删除’debugger’的语句”,
  • “‘{a}’ is not a statement label.”:“‘{a}’不是一个声明标签.”,
  • “Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression.”:“需要一个语句或者一个函数调用,而不是一个表达式”,
  • “Function declarations should not be placed in blocks. Use a function expression or move the statement to the top of the outer function.”:“函数的声明不能放在类似if的块中,需要放在外部函数的顶部.”