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  • “Missing name in function declaration.”:“在方法声明中缺少名称”,
  • “Expected an identifier and instead saw ‘{a}’.”:“需要有一个标识符,而不是’{a}’”,
  • “Inner functions should be listed at the top of the outer function.”:“内部函数的声明应该放在此函数的顶部。”,
  • “Unreachable ‘{a}’ after ‘{b}’.”:“在’{b}’之后无法获取’{a}’”,
  • “Unnecessary semicolon.”:“不必要的分号”,
  • “Label ‘{a}’ on {b} statement.”:“将’{a}’放在{b}的声明中”,
  • “Label ‘{a}’ looks like a javascript url.”:“‘{a}’看上去像一个js的链接”,
  • “Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression”:“需要一个赋值或者一个函数调用,而不是一个表达式.”,
  • “Do not use ‘new’ for side effects.”:“不要用’new’语句.”,
  • “Unnecessary \”use strict\”.”:“不必要的\”use strict\”.”,
  • “Missing \”use strict\” statement.”:“缺少\”use strict\”的声明”,
  • “Empty block.”:“空的模块”,
  • “Unexpected /*member ‘{a}’.”:“不应出现 /*元素 ‘{a}’.”,
  • “‘{a}’ is a statement label.”:“‘{a}’是一个声明”,
  • “‘{a}’ used out of scope.”:“‘{a}’使用超出范围”,
  • “‘{a}’ is not allowed.”:“不允许使用’{a}’”,
  • “‘{a}’ is not defined.”:“‘{a}’没有被定义”,
  • “Use ‘{a}’ to compare with ‘{b}’.”:“使用’{a}’与’{b}’相比”,
  • “Variables should not be deleted.”:“变量需要被删除”,
  • “Use the object literal notation {}.”:“使用对象的文字符号 {}”,