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  • “Do not use {a} as a constructor.”:“不要使用{a}作为一个构造对象”,
  • “The Function constructor is eval.”:“The Function constructor is eval.”,
  • “A constructor name should start with an uppercase letter.”:“一个构造对象的名称必须用大写字母开头.”,
  • “Bad constructor.”:“错误的构造对象”,
  • “Weird construction. Delete ‘new’.”:“构造对象有误,请删除’new’”,
  • “Missing ‘()’ invoking a constructor.”:“缺少括号()”,
  • “Avoid arguments.{a}.”:“避免参数.{a}.”,
  • “document.write can be a form of eval.”:“document.write是eval的一种形式”,
  • ‘eval is evil.’:“尽量不要使用eval”,
  • “Math is not a function.”:“Math不是一个函数”,
  • “Missing ‘new’ prefix when invoking a constructor.”:“此处缺少了’new’”,
  • “Missing radix parameter.”:“缺少参数”,
  • “Implied eval is evil. Pass a function instead of a string.”:“传递一个函数,而不是一个字符串”,
  • “Bad invocation.”:“错误的调用”,
  • “['{a}'] is better written in dot notation.”:“['{a}']最好用点.的方式”,
  • “Extra comma.”:“多余的逗号”,
  • “Don’t make functions within a loop.”:“不要用循环的方式创建函数”,
  • “Unexpected parameter ‘{a}’ in get {b} function.”:“在{b}方法中不该用到参数’{a}’”,
  • “Duplicate member ‘{a}’.”:“重复的’{a}’”,
  • “Expected to see a statement and instead saw a block.”:“此处应该是语句声明.”,