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  • “Expected ‘{a}’ to match ‘{b}’ from line {c} and instead saw ‘{d}’.”:“在行{c}中需要用’{a}’和’{b}’匹配,用来代替’{d}’”,
  • “Unexpected early end of program.”:“程序不可预期的提前终止”,
  • “A leading decimal point can be confused with a dot: ‘.{a}’.”:“‘{a}’前的点容易混淆成小数点”,
  • “Use the array literal notation [].”:“使用数组的符号 []“,
  • “Expected an operator and instead saw ‘{a}’.”:“需要用一个符号来代替’{a}’”,
  • “Unexpected space after ‘{a}’.”:“在’{a}’之后不能出现空格”,
  • “Unexpected space before ‘{a}’.”:“在’{a}’之前不能出现空格”,
  • “Bad line breaking before ‘{a}’.”:“在’{a}’之前错误的换行”,
  • “Expected ‘{a}’ to have an indentation at {b} instead at {c}.”:“‘{a}’需要在{c}而不是{b}处缩进”,
  • “Line breaking error ‘{a}’.”:“换行错误 ‘{a}’”,
  • “Unexpected use of ‘{a}’.”:“此处不能用’{a}’”,
  • “Bad operand.”:“错误的操作数”,
  • “Use the isNaN function to compare with NaN.”:“使用isNaN来与NaN比较”,
  • “Confusing use of ‘{a}’.”:“容易混淆的’{a}’的使用”,
  • “Read only.”:“只读的属性”,
  • “‘{a}’ is a function.”:“‘{a}’是一个函数”,
  • ‘Bad assignment.’:“错误的赋值”,
  • “Do not assign to the exception parameter.”:“不要给额外的参数赋值”,
  • “Expected an identifier in an assignment and instead saw a function invocation.”:“在赋值的语句中需要有一个标识符,而不是一个方法的调用”,
  • “Expected an identifier and instead saw ‘{a}’ (a reserved word).”:“需要有一个标识符,而不是’{a}’(保留字符)”,